Mastermind Group for Business/Career Coaches

I host a small group for heart-centered coaches/consultants who are in the business/ leadership/ career space, because there’s so much to learn from each other to make our work easier and more sustainable. Plus it’s more fun to have a group of heart-centered kindred spirits on the journey together.

Better Together - flock of swans

The topics we cover are influenced by what is coming up among the members. Here are the kinds of topics we discuss:

  • How to choose your client attraction methods that will be easy and effective for you.
  • Working through a company contract vs. private pay clients.
  • Facilitating groups, workshops, retreats.
  • Self-employment mindset vs. employee mindset.
  • Stages of business development and where are you on the map.
  • What kind of support do you need and how to let it in.
  • Checking in with your values, purpose, and positive impact.
  • Pricing that works for your heart and your wallet.
  • Incorporating your equity and inclusion values into your work.

This group and my other groups are described in full here:

Small Group Communities for Introverts on a Mission.