Coaches Mentoring Circle

Especially for Introverts and HSPs

This is a group for those wanting to develop and enrich their self-employed journey as a coach. We talk business, coaching, and work-life harmony. (Some call it a facilitated “mastermind group.”)

It’s both practical and fun to be together in community.

You’ll get a combination of kindred spirit energy, practical guidance, skillful facilitation, and a calming structure. The group is designed with introverts and highly sensitive people (HSP) in mind.

Members are often combining coaching, consulting, training, and sometimes doing a hybrid of employment and self-employment. They are in the career, business, leadership and/or workplace wellness coaching space. 

I bring my 12 years of being a self-sustaining, self-employed business/career coach, while being an introvert and HSP myself.

No need to reinvent the wheel. This is a genuine community of support.

Do any of these feel familiar?

  • Loving the client part but feeling like a misfit sometimes with the business and marketing side.
  • Wishing you had a second brain for questions and decisions.
  • Wondering how to move forward and have a balanced life at the same time.
  • Wishing you had a little more clarity and confidence with how you work with clients, from initial calls to long-term clients.
  • Feeling nourished when you connect with like-minded coaches.
  • You want to lead groups and want to experience being part of one too, with an experienced group facilitator.
  • Wanting your work to matter to the Greater Good. 

We address all of that and more.

self-employment from stress to ease

The guidance and support I have received in Val’s group for coaches has been essential to my success as a new entrepreneur. I’ve enjoyed the expansive dialogue with peers that I have needed to work through my challenges (and celebrations!). And even better … it is grounded in Val’s gentle guidance on how to navigate the journey of business building and sustainability, using an easy-to-follow map that breaks things down in a way that makes so much sense! The whole experience helps me feel at ease and has helped me thrive in my business!!”

~ J.Y., Business/Life Coach

Group members experience:

  • restorative energy,
  • life-changing mindset shifts on how self-employment can really work for you, including your energy needs,
  • deeper clarity and confidence about what you have to offer,
  • a safe space to discuss questions about coaching and self-doubt,
  • faster results,
  • acceptance of whatever pace is realistic for you,
  • easier decision-making and reduced overthinking,
  • the rare and powerful experience of being in a space with people who really get it,
  • practical help for new technology and writing feedback,
  • new networking connections, and occasional collaborations,
  • overall more fun and ease in your work life.

I cannot say enough great things about the space that Val creates for her group members. She curates a group of like-minded heart-centered people and brings them on a journey to figure out how to achieve their goals. My time spent in the group has been incredible and I recommend it for anyone who wants to get their business flowing. I came in as such a newbie and received such a great foundation from Val, her guidance, and her masterful facilitation.” 

~ A.R., executive coach for startups

Group Program Overview

We combine these 4 necessary ingredients for living your purpose as a coach:

  • Practical guidance and support (for wherever you are on your journey).
  • Enhancing (and calming) your business and marketing approach (using a step-by-step heart-centered framework).
  • Kindred spirit camaraderie (with people who get you).
  • Calming energy.

Members tell me they are amazed by how calm they feel in our meetings, like an oasis.

What's Included:

  1. Twice monthly small group gatherings (90 minutes, up to 6 members) with Val’s facilitation, including time for exploring relevant topics and finding ease with what’s most current for you. We cover coaching and business topics.
  2. A private session (45-ish minutes each) with Val, every 3 months, to work out any stuck places.
  3. An extra private session for those who sign up by November 30th, 2021.
  4. An easy-to-follow map that breaks things down in a way that calms the mind and heart.
  5. Learning modules to help support you with whatever step you’re on. (Modules include both inner and outer work, from fear busting to niche clarity and business content creation tools.)
  6. Access to ask Val questions between meetings.
  7. Regular opportunities for co-working sessions that open with a guided grounding to jumpstart a block of concentrated work on your goals.
  8. Buddy matches (optional) between meetings for keeping the community connection strong.
  9. Opportunities for business writing feedback, technology hand-holding, and other connections between meetings. This is a meaningful community of support.
  10. Opportunities to help shape the group format and topics.
  11. An introvert-friendly group format, and an introvert-friendly approach to business.
  12. Connection to Val’s large network for help with new connections, and spreading the word about your offerings.

Is this for you?

It is if you relate to all of these:
  • You like the idea of having a sense of genuine community with your kindred spirits.
  • A desire to have a positive impact in the world.
  • You enjoy learning and growing.
  • You are drawn to things like mindfulness and work/life balance (even if you struggle to fit it in).
  • You’re able to get things done, at your own pace, when you know what to do.
  • You lean towards introversion and/or high sensitivity or you at least resonate with something about being a sensitive soul.
  • You’re probably a woman or feel supportive of women, who tend to be the majority in my groups.
  • You actively embrace diversity and inclusion of all kinds and are committed to treating each other with respect and humility when you don’t understand someone else’s views.
  • You don’t expect the group program alone to address everything you need.
You can learn more about the group and cost options below.

My Background for Leading this Group

Val Nelson business coach

I bring over a decade of being sustainably self-employed as a business/career coach, using a heart-centered approach. I’ve learned how to make it work for both my wallet and my energy needs as an introvert and a highly sensitive person (HSP).

Much of my career has included leading groups in some form, and I’ve had formal training in group facilitation and adult learning. I’ve developed my facilitation and teaching skills into a core strength.

I’ve included small groups as part of my primary offerings from the beginning of my business.

Group Logistics and Frequent Questions

This group is for heart-centered coaches/consultants/trainers who are self-employed, or growing a side business. They are probably doing career, business, leadership and/or wellness coaching.

Members are interested in authentic approaches to business and marketing.

It’s usually all women who are introverted and/or highly sensitive. 

Members care about balancing their energy needs and their desire to contribute in meaningful ways.

Members are at various stages and have various amounts of time to devote to their explorations. There’s no judgment on your stage or pace.

Everyone has something valuable to offer, from listening and relating, to sharing ideas (if asked for).

I won’t push you to do anything, but I will reflect your own truth to you, and call you forth to take meaningful step-by-step action, as feasible in your circumstances.

If you’re not sure if it’s a fit for you, but you find yourself drawn to it, we can figure it out together in a free call.

We walk through a set of steps together, and you can bring whatever topics or challenges are most current for you.

The specific topics are influenced by what is coming up among the members. Here are the kinds of topics we discuss:

  • How to choose your client attraction methods that will be easy and effective for you.
  • Whether and how to determine your niche.
  • Pricing that works for your heart and your wallet.
  • How to feel more confidence in your coaching.
  • How to handle initial consults and your client enrollment process.
  • Working through a company contract vs. private pay clients.
  • Facilitating groups and workshops.
  • Whether and how to use a framework with clients.
  • Stages of business development and where are you on the map.
  • What kind of support do you need and how to let it in.
  • Checking in with your values, purpose, and positive impact.
  • Incorporating your equity, inclusion, and earth consciousness values into your work.

A new Coaches Circle is starting in January 2022.  I’m looking at the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays at 11am-12:30pm Eastern time.

Meeting dates are subject to change during holidays or by unanimous consent among participants.

We’re keeping it simple, because wouldn’t simple be nice?

People often describe the meetings as their place to pause and breathe, and find their footing amidst it all.

It’s a peer connecting environment that I host and facilitate so that connection and learning is maximized.

I bring my career and business expertise as part of it, and I also help to draw out the wisdom of the group.

I bring coaching and facilitation methods and tools that support a balance of being and doing. Nothing is forced. Everything is introvert-friendly. Everything is held in confidence.

January is an ideal time to join, when a new group is starting January 2022. 

If you sign up by Dec. 1, 2021, you get a bonus of one additional private session.

All members will have done at least one private session with me.

That way all members will be get caught up with a common mindset and structure, and I can make sure you have all that you need to get the most out of working together. I want to make sure this is a good investment for you. We can discuss this if you have concerns.

New members begin with a six-month commitment to the group so we can form strong connections. It’s not a drop-in group.

If however you realize after the first meeting that it isn’t for you, you can certainly stop then.

After your initial commitment, you can end at any time, with notice of one month so you can attend at least one more meeting in support of you and the group having a sense of completion.

The group is ongoing and incorporates a 12-month curriculum that is updated annually.

Of course if you are ever dissatisfied or find it’s not a fit, please discuss it with me and we can come up with a solution together.

This program, with all the group and individual support described above, is $400 USD per month.

The investment could pay off when you get one new client, which I predict will come to you sooner and easier than before.

If you sign up by November 30th, 2021 for January start, you get a bonus of one additional private session.

When you combine individual coaching and a group, you can make faster progress and have solid support for your decision-making, planning, and getting real with money and making practical progress.

I also notice that the combination keeps that inner critic quieter too.

Combining individual and group coaching is a perfect blend for me, where I benefit from the unique value each can offer me. A powerful combination! I’m so glad I have this one-on-one time to explore more deeply.” ~N.F.

The group meets using Zoom, a video conference platform. For individual sessions, we can meet by phone or Zoom. You can be anywhere in the world.

The “lone wolf” idea is a false and harmful notion. We are not built for self-sufficiency, no matter what the Western individualistic culture tries to tell us.

We are built for understanding and restoring ourselves within community.

That is our true nature. Coming together “around the fire” for stories and connection is our heritage.

Over and over I’ve seen my clients come into groups and find the mental and soulful rest they need, as well as the renewed energy and clarity for next steps. It works, just as it has throughout human history.

Next Step: Let's Talk About It

If you are curious or feel that one of my groups might be a good step for you, please request a free consult so we can talk soon.

I never pressure anything. We’ll just figure it out together. That would be nice.

Curious if coaching will work for you?


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