Mastermind Group for Coaches

I host a small group for heart-centered coaches/consultants who are in the business/ leadership/ career and/or wellness space, because there’s so much to learn from each other to make our work easier and more sustainable. Plus it’s more fun to have a group of heart-centered kindred spirits on the journey together.

This is an ongoing “mastermind” group for those in any stage of their business. Camaraderie, and reconnecting to our true path, are important at every stage.

Better Together - flock of swans

The guidance and support I have received in Val’s group for coaches has been essential to my success as a new entrepreneur. I’ve enjoyed the expansive dialogue with peers that I have needed to work through my challenges (and celebrations!). And even better … it is grounded in Val’s gentle guidance on how to navigate the journey of business building and sustainability, using an easy-to-follow map that breaks things down in a way that makes so much sense! The whole experience helps me feel at ease and has helped me thrive in my business!!” ~J.Y.

Included is a curriculum of business development steps and tools for those who want that.

In the meetings, the topics discussed are influenced by what is coming up among the members. Here are the kinds of topics we discuss:

  • How to choose your client attraction methods that will be easy and effective for you.
  • Working through a company contract vs. private pay clients.
  • Facilitating groups, workshops, retreats.
  • Stages of business development and where are you on the map.
  • What kind of support do you need and how to let it in.
  • Checking in with your values, purpose, and positive impact.
  • Pricing that works for your heart and your wallet.
  • Incorporating your equity and inclusion values into your work.

From another group member:

I cannot say enough great things about the space that Val creates for her group members. She curates a group of like-minded heart-centered entrepreneurs and brings them on a journey to figure out how to achieve their goals. My time spent in the group has been incredible and I recommend it for anyone who wants to get their business flowing. I came in as such a newbie and received such a great foundation from Val, her guidance, and her masterful facilitation.” ~A.R.

This group and my other groups are described in more detail here:

My groups are all especially geared for caring introverts and/or people with the high sensitivity trait (HSPs), but if that’s not you and you are drawn to my groups, you’re welcome to check it out too.