Can You Define Networking? It’s Not What You Think.

NetworkingNetworking is one of those maligned concepts that strikes fear in many hearts, especially introverts. In my workshop called “Networking Secrets from an Ex-Wallflower,” the first secret is to understand what networking actually is and isn’t.

In the workshop, almost as soon as I start defining what networking is NOT, people start to relax and say things like:

Oh, networking does not equal pain and suffering!! ~Mary

Once you know what it is, you will understand it’s kinda fun. If it’s not, you’re not doing it right. Continue reading

10 Essential Resume Repairs

Bad ResumeIt’s a new era so stop making résumés like you’re applying to IBM of 1950. Here’s your checklist to get it right.

My career coaching clients often ask me to review their résumés. As a former hiring manager, I know what employers pay attention to (and what ends up in the trash) especially when they’re inundated with résumés.

Here’s what I find myself saying all the time about the résumés I review. Please use the following as a checklist and we’ll all be happier. Continue reading

An Introvert’s Style of Networking…with a Real Smile

This is an effective, brief, and fun slide presentation by a woman who has mastered the art of networking — in a way that works for her introvert style. No fake smiles here. No putting on an extrovert mask.

Introverts will love it, and others could stand to learn from her too. I wholeheartedly agree with her ideas.

Her networking steps are a perfect guide for job seekers and people who need to promote themselves to get more leads. Enjoy… Continue reading

Networking Secrets from an Ex-Wallflower™

I just led a networking workshop with this same title the other day and wow, the room was packed with eager folks. I had to turn some people away!

Clearly there’s a big unmet need for help with networking, especially among introverts who often say they feel like they have to put on an extrovert mask to network. Not true!

Continue reading

It’s Time to Prioritize Video (AKA YouTube)

If you have something to say or promote (e.g., looking for work or new clients), making a short and simple video should be moved up on your priority list.

When you see how this small business video sample (featured here) draws you in, you’ll want one too.

These two reasons should convince you:

  1. YouTube is the second most popular place to search, after Google.
    We’re all so worried about our rank in Google, but what’s your rank in YouTube?
  2. To get work in a today’s economy, you have to stand out and have a unique appeal. What better way than with the personal approach of a video?  Continue reading