Online Courses for Heart-centered Businesses

online business courseSometimes you just want a simple course to fit your budget. So I’ve created this recommended list of self-study programs/ online courses.

There’s so many options out there and it’s hard to know what is actually legitimate and specific to your needs and worth the money. Too much of it is full of hype and pushy energy — not my kinda thing.

My “Best Courses” Criteria

Everything I list here meets my “best courses” criteria:

  1. They’re created by well-respected business coaches who have proven track records and happy fans.
  2. I have faith that you’ll get a good return on your investment in the time and money. (Usually a low cost to enroll.)
  3. They use a heart-centered authentic approach to business, marketing, and money. No sleezy stuff.
  4. They typically include multimedia educational content (audio, video, text), worksheets, and tools, and sometimes a way to ask questions.
  5. They offer trustworthy payment systems and often a satisfaction guarantee.

Recommend Courses

Online Courses by me, Val Nelson, Business Coach for Introverts and HSPs

Self-Study Course from Story Dialogue

From Acumen Academy, the World’s School for Social Change

Business Courses from George Kao, Authentic Business Coach/Teacher

George covers all the business basics from set up, to marketing tools and methods. All geared for heart-centered solopreneurs.

He gives so much value and support in his courses, at a very affordable price. No hype. Real deal, heart-centered step-by-step instructions and resources, including lots of opportunities to ask him questions along the way.

Courses for Highly Sensitive People and More Ease at Work

If you’re a highly sensitive person (HSP), learning some ways to reduce your stress load in your work, and beyond, is a key piece of the puzzle for work happiness and flow. I’ve listed some courses for highly sensitive people (HSPs) on this page.


Full disclosure: Some of the links used for others’ courses are partners which means I might receive a small bonus if you purchase via these links. Be assured that I am committed to only affiliating with programs I can honestly support. I accept commissions in support of my time in reviewing the programs.

Learn how introverts and HSPs make self‑employment work... without the hustle.

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