Life Purpose Coaching

Life purpose coachKnowing your purpose matters. It’s a big relief to consciously name it. So much ease can flow from there.

Finally knowing your purpose can help you with:

  • career clarity
  • self-employment direction
  • finding your focus in retirement
  • finding your footing after loss or transition
  • speaking with more confidence

It can help you finally say No to the wrong things and Yes to your truth.

All of this without changing who you are.

That’s big. And not so hard as you might think.

Imagine breaking free of things you thought were completely stuck or hopeless! That’s what it did for me.

I offer coaching especially for introverted and/or highly sensitive people (HSPs)… so you can find your purpose and help it flow more easily, in ways that might surprise you. In ways that are bigger than your work, but that can flow in your work life too.

It became clear in the first session that Val is a caring, concerned and professional individual. She gets to the heart of what her clients are really about. Clarifying my core values and discovering my life purpose has given me an invaluable tool for decision-making that ensures I respect who I am as an individual. Val is a great listener and a real support throughout the process. Her approach to her clients is very individualized and adaptable to assist in dealing with new challenges should they arise.”
~Dina A., NY, USA

Mary Oliver quote from Wild Geese poem

Your purpose matters. You are needed.

I’ve seen the transformation happen in so many people and I’ve experienced the power of coaching myself, for finding purpose and so much more. It still amazes me every day to both experience it in myself, and to witness it in my clients. [Client Stories]

I believe that introverted and/or highly sensitive women have a unique perspective that the world needs, unique talents to offer, and yes, some unique challenges too.

I love helping these women find their true path and follow that in their own way, aligned with their heart and their energy. That’s my story too. I’m with you.


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My Coaching Specialties and Approach

You might call me a life purpose coach, life coach, life transition coach, introvert coach, career coach, or small business coach. It’s always about helping people live and work in a way that’s true to who they are.

Even if we’re talking about growing your business, we can always include your whole life in the equation, not just your work life, because you’re ONE person and you want to make a life, not just a living.

I bring an intuitive heart-centered approach to my work and I enjoy helping those who value those qualities. I’m not about a quick-fix or pushy approach.

We can talk about life purpose coaching or you can also check out these coaching specialties:

Who I Help

I help primarily introverted women who relate to at least one of these groups:

  • Feeling challenged about your self-employment journey such as charging what you’re worth or promoting their work.
  • Wanting to know your life purpose as you consider retirement.
  • Wanting to bring more intuition, spirit, heart, or alignment into your life, livelihood, and relationships.
  • Feeling thrown off by a big loss or transition and needing a safe harbor to grow into who you are becoming.
  • Wanting to understand how to make choices that you’ll be happy about.
  • Needing to navigate life alongside your high sensitivity to the environment and energy around you.

If you want to work and live in a way that’s true to who you are, you’re probably right up my alley!

In-Person or Phone Meetings?

I enjoy working with people in my area (Northampton, MA, USA, in “Western Mass” as we often call it), and with people outside the area. We meet by phone or Zoom.

My Qualifications

Val Nelson Northampton officeI have completed a world-renowned coach training program (CTI) which is accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF). I am dedicated to following the ICF’s ethical standards for coaches.

Being a professional coach is the culmination of my lifetime’s work helping people find solid ground, and inspiration to reach higher. It integrates all my experiences, including as a health educator, Hospice experience, human resources manager, small business manager, entrepreneur, mentor, marketing and communications specialist.

And personally, I’ve been there… as a wallflower not speaking up… on the job burnout track… fearing the self-employment leap… craving more meaning and purpose… living through the shaky ground of big loss and transitions… feeling too sensitive for a fast-paced world… you name it.

With the help of a coach, I got clear and unstuck about my purpose, my career and life journey, and am now successfully self-employed and living my life purpose, in my own way. And I have found and married my soulmate at mid-life, from a deep place of Knowing from my true heart. I’m so grateful for this ongoing journey of listening to and trusting my own callings.

What About Spirituality?

I love these kinds of subjects. Let’s find what works for you and tap into it! I don’t impose any beliefs but am happy to share what I’ve seen work for finding solid ground, purpose, meaning, and success.

I believe you have a unique purpose and that if you tap into it, you’ll be happier and you’ll have more impact. I believe it because it works over and over.

I’m a big believer in tapping into your intuition and your heart. I believe we all have access to far more wisdom than we often realize, if we take time to tune into it.

I have developed very strong intuition, and practice mindfulness every day, and I bring it to our work together. I help my clients find their own inner knowing. And we align that with what works in the concrete world. If this approach of tuning in to your inner knowing does not appeal to you, we are probably not a good match.

Next Step

Let’s see if there’s a fit. Check out the quiz below. From there, you can book a free initial consult and we can sort things out together.

Val is a gem and I will always be grateful that I invited her into my life! I went to Val because I was contemplating a change and I didn’t have any idea where to begin… She helped me to believe in myself… and showed me how to begin to do all of the things that I was always able to do, I just never knew it. She has a way of helping you discover how to find what your inner self is telling you about your life’s purpose. Then, how to move towards that purpose and truth.

~Robin, Mass., USA


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