Self-Study Programs for Heart-centered Businesses

Sometimes you just want a self-paced program to fit your budget, so I try to make a wide variety of learning options available to help you. I’ve created this recommended list of self-study programs/ online courses.

There’s so many options out there and it’s hard to know what is actually legitimate and specific to your needs and worth the money. Too much of it is full of hype and pushy energy — not my kinda thing.

Everything I list here meets these criteria:

  1. They’re created by well-respected leaders in their field who have proven track records and raving fans for both their knowledge and ability to teach.
  2. I have faith that you’ll get a good return on your investment in the time and money.
  3. They use a heart-centered authentic approach to business, marketing, and money. No sleezy stuff.
  4. They typically include multimedia educational content (audio, video, text), worksheets, and tools, as well as a way to ask questions.
  5. They offer trustworthy payment systems and satisfaction guarantees.

Courses found on Udemy (a place to take pre-screened online courses)

  1. Finding Your Life’s Purpose with Eckhart Tolle
    Designed to free you from the trap of overthinking and struggle, and relax into your natural flow.. that is your true purpose. What a great opportunity to learn from what of my top influencers and favorite teachers. He is so wise and so able to teach what he understands.
  2. Seth Godin’s Freelancer Course
    “By the end of this course, you’ll know what you need to do to pave your way towards a more lucrative and fulfilling freelancing career. You’ll be confident enough to be your own boss, and you’ll know how to put your goals in motion.” Includes lectures and exercises from THE guy on this topic, Seth Godin.
  3. Start A Business You Love. Idea to Income in Thirty Days.[sample course video clip]
    “Uncover what you love to do and turn it into a profitable business. Daily actions help you get clarity and stay focused.”
    It is actually hard to do this kind of thing just from an online course, without a real-life person to help you think through your own specifics and fears, but I do think a course like this can help you see the roadmap and make it less scary. I would retitle this “Idea to Income in 30 days.”
  4. How Top Coaches & Consultants Earn More Money in Less Time
    My associate and fellow business coach, Corey Sanford, created this course to make it much easier for you to create a sustainable business. He gets this stuff, plus his teaching style leaves breathing room, which is especially appealing for introverts.
  5. There’s a course on almost anything on Udemy, including technical skills and marketing skills, such as:
    Digital Photography courses, Social Media Marketing courses, Design software and tools like Photoshop,  and of course, how to make money publishing courses on Udemy.

From The Heart of Business
the leaders in bringing heart and money into harmony.

Programs from ArtBizCoach
the highly-respected business coach for artists.

  1. Art Biz Bootcamp
    Get step-by-step help to sell more art in a way that feels authentic to you. Live 12-week group program.
  2. Book: I’d Rather Be in the Studio
    The keys to authentic self-promotion for artists.


Full disclosure: Links used on this page are affiliate links which means I will receive a  commission if you purchase via these links. Be assured that I am committed to only affiliating with programs I can honestly support. I accept commissions in support of my time in reviewing the programs.