Connection That Works For Introverts and HSPs. (We Need Connection Too.)

We all need connection, and yet it seems like there’s so much in the way of it, and not just during COVID. These are the main barriers I hear about:

  1. Introverts and highly sensitive people (HSPs) can get overstimulated and exhausted with certain kinds of connection.
  2. Some societal messages tell us we’re too “needy” or a “failure” if we were to reach out for connection or support.

No matter who you are, we are pack animals at heart. We need each other. Even the “lone wolf” idea for success is a myth; wolves are pack animals too.

[Image: Humans are pack animals too.]

Introverts and HSPs have learned how much we need connection during this pandemic when isolation got to be too much at times. We need some connection for sure, but not a ton, and not all kinds.

I know from experience that there are ways around those concerns listed above. I’ll explain more in this post and suggest some kindred spirit communities you might like. Continue reading

Best Careers for Introverts, HSPs, and Other Sensitive Souls

Sensitive souls (including introverts, highly sensitive persons [HSPs], and people with big hearts) need to be careful about our work environments and career paths. As a highly sensitive introvert who got so drained by many jobs I tried, I learned the hard way.

We can really thrive and excel in the right environment, and we can wilt easily in the wrong environment.

If you have a yuck feeling about work, I bet it is because the work itself or the work culture are a bad match for you.

You have so much to offer. Yes, YOU. The world needs your gifts. I mean it. You can find a better fit. Not overnight, but a better way is possible.

There are low stress jobs for introverts, HSPs, and other sensitive souls.

No, there are no perfect stress-free professions. But lower stress is definitely a worthy goal. Yes! Stress is a natural part of life and we can be even more vulnerable to it as sensitive souls. We can do self-care, but that’s not enough if the situation continues to be draining.

So often people simply put up with far too much of a stressful situation, thinking we are the problem. Let’s rethink this.

My experience:

I’m a highly sensitive introvert with a big heart. (If you’re a Myers-Briggs Type fan, I’m an INFP which explains a whole range of sensitivity.)

I’ve tried all kinds of work environments from classrooms to cubicles, and many kinds of careers, and there were many rough patches in my work life. Now I have landed happily with being a self-employed career/ business coach.

In those various work experiences, sometimes I felt alive and energized and sometimes completely drained and MISERABLE. Oh I can feel the bad memories in my body as I write this. I want to reach out to you if you’re feeling that misery and beg you to believe it can be different.

Now I get what works:

I’ve studied what factors work for me and what works for others with a similar temperament.  Now I can fairly easily tell you what is important for us in choosing our work environments and career paths. Work can feel great, really! I’ll explain what you need to know.

[image - wondering where to go]

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