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Aging as a Woman in Business: Inner Critic > Reclaiming Wisdom

Aging as a Woman in Business: Inner Critic > Reclaiming Wisdom

Aging as a woman in business. Let’s talk about this. I have had too much angst about it as my hair greys and as the lines on my face increase each year. I’m determined to shake off the aging angst.

There’s no real reason to dislike the natural signs of aging other than how others might see aging women in business as irrelevant. That’s at least my fear: that I’ll be written off.

I should put my energy into fighting that anti-aging message instead of turning it on myself as if I did something wrong to cause aging. (“Did I not take good enough care of myself?” etc.) Argh.

Aging is a fact of life and it’s simply proof of wisdom. 🦉

Of course I experience real inconveniences with aging, like I can’t think of words as quickly, can’t bike as far, the little knee issues, more doctor visits, hot flashes…. (I could make a long list but let’s just stop here.)

The Gifts of Aging as a Woman in Business

The truth is I experience far more gifts of aging and I’d like to claim some of these right here and now. (Maybe it will scare away the inner critic that’s stuck in the anti-aging story.)

  1. more trust in my intuition
  2. greater depth of understanding others and situations
  3. more ease with having compassion and empathy for others
  4. creative thinking outside the box
  5. resilience / increased ability to roll with life and business
  6. wisdom earned from experience

All of these have only gotten better each year, although not just by happenstance. I have consciously developed all these over time, and that adds up. ✅✅✅

So I’m declaring today that aging (AKA becoming wiser) is a good thing. So there! Take that, inner critic. 😆

Honestly I would not trade my life with anyone. I’d rather have my ability to roll with life than all the angst of youth.

Saying this Out Loud Is Helping Me!

After writing a similar post on LinkedIn last week, just before my birthday, I found myself feeling lighter. Something about claiming this perspective in public brought a new layer of healing.

It also helped that so many chimed in to cheer us all on.

Val and spring flowers
Here’s me a few weeks ago, rockin’ my salt and pepper hair, Ha. I was enjoying time with some fellow coaches on a fabulous spring day and they suggested a photo since my outfit matched the flowers. 


🎶 This song is a reliable antidote to any angst: ► I Am Light

If you’re feeling “behind” or “I should be further along by now.” – I wrote this for you.

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