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Coping with Uncertainty in Business and Life > What Helps Me.

Coping with Uncertainty in Business and Life > What Helps Me.

Solopreneur woman wondering how to deal with some uncertainty in business and life.
Let’s talk about dealing with uncertainty in business and life. 🤔

You’re not alone if you’re harboring feelings of worry about the uncertain times we’re in — whether the uncertain economy, uncertain business income, AI disruptions, and/or bumpy ride of climate and societal messes. Blech. 🙄

I find it’s important not to be alone with these kinds of worries, which is why I decided to share this note of validation and companionship, rather than shying away from hard stuff.

I’m not immune to uncertain economy worries and all that entails. It helps a lot that I’ve been riding the waves for 14 years in business now, but still, each bump has potential to trick my mind into panic, if I let it.

I’ll tell you what got my highly sensitive heart and body in distress recently, and how I am finding my footing again.

Out of that, I made of list of 7 things that help me face uncertainty in business and life. (It’s already helping me!) I’m sharing my list below.

My recent shake-up story

It feels vulnerable to share this but here I go. Two weeks ago, our region was under air quality warnings due to smoke from wildfires far away in Canada.

As the air quality warnings kept getting extended day after day, it shook my sense of safety and increased my planetary grief. With my headache and the eery sky, there was no denying this.

At first it seemed no one was talking about it, which made it feel more strange and made me question if it was “just my sensitivity.” Did they not smell the smoke? Is everyone preoccupied? (Ah, life as a sensitive person.)

After a few days of this, my friends and I started talking about the vulnerability we felt. Maybe it’s not “cool” to express vulnerability, but it helped when we did. Finally we had a break in the sky after about a week. A relief. And yet…

A couple days ago, I was walking in the woods with a wise dear friend, under smoke-free skies, and I shared that I could still feel this shake-up in my body about the planet and safety. I’m no stranger to shake-ups, but this feels different, more vast and unending. No place to put it in my brain. Ya know?

My friend’s presence and wise caring words helped me loosen my grip and actually allow the vulnerable feelings, and a few tears too. (Tears can be so helpful.) I could feel in my body that this was a turning point toward more peace, despite no “solution.”

I remembered, anew, the value of allowing the feeling of vulnerability, and letting in the power of genuine companionship and wise guidance. It all helped me reconnect to my strength and my resilience with whatever may come. 🌿

"...If you can do it once, you can do it again." Seth Godin. "And it works best when you co-create. Lone wolf mode is no fun." Val Nelson


7 things that help me cope with uncertainty in business and life:

After my experience that day, I made this list that I can turn to next time, no matter what the issue is. (Ha, it turned out I needed a reminder the very next day about something else, so I used the list and it really did help right away!)

  1. Feel the emotions. It’s better than the heavy feeling of resisting reality.
  2. Don’t stay alone with it. Find caring companionship.
  3. Notice all the ways I am safe in this moment, and use the mantra “I am safe” as affirmation.
  4. Know what helps me feel resourced and turn towards it. For me, being in nature and/or connecting with a caring friend are reliable go-to sources.
  5. Talk with a wise thinking partner to strategize resiliency plans for myself or my business. (For me this can mean making an appointment with a business coach I trust.)
  6. Remember that resorting to the go-go-go hustle method for business still doesn’t work in the long run. Instead, remember your wonderful strengths (or get help to remember). Your gifts are still needed under any conditions. Open your palms, and stay open to wise guidance (including from within).
  7. “If you are feeling helpless, help someone.” ~Aung San Suu Kyi.

It feels reassuring to write it out and read it through again now. Feel free to borrow what resonates for you and/or make your own list.

I hope you found something useful in there. I’d love to hear any replies in the comments section below.

More Coping “Mantra” Options

After I sent out the above note in my newsletter recently, I got a reply note with a mantra she was using to help her. That inspired me to create a collection of coping mantras to choose from:

  • I am safe.
  • This too shall pass.
  • Que Sera Sera.  (Ideally sung to the tune of the song. It means, “Whatever will be, will be.”)
  • I’ll handle it.

What “mantras” help you in the hard moments?

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Val Nelson

I’ve been a self-employed career/business/purpose coach since 2009. I help introverts and HSPs (like me) who want to make a difference — in a way that fits our practical needs too.
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