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I’m Ignoring the “Shoulds” Today – It’s So Freeing. And More Productive.

I’m Ignoring the “Shoulds” Today – It’s So Freeing. And More Productive.

I just caught myself before doing a networking thing on my calendar that was actually just a “should” and not a true choice. It would have been fine, in a way, but doing “shoulds” is not the life I want.

What’s great is that I now have the freeing energy to spend that time doing something that I actually want to do, that will move the needle more so!

Once again proving that the body knows the way, if I will just listen.

Honoring the Body. Honoring Nature.

Another way I’m listening to my body lately is to roll with the darkness of this time of year and allow more downtime and a renewed commitment to letting go of all kinds of “shoulds”.

Our bodies know that it makes sense to work with the seasons instead of pushing against it. I started allowing this alignment with the seasons last winter and I felt so much better than winters in the past.

I used to hate the darkness of winter and now it’s just a sign for me to be more still, which I enjoy. My mindset shift has made a huge difference.

This is all an example of living true to my introverted, highly sensitive self. Life is just better for me when I align things with my true nature, and all of nature. Even on a work day.

landscape with peace in the darkness

I stumbled into reading, and enjoying, a book from the library, Digital Minimalism. It’s soul nourishing, and has led me to take 30+ days off social media and other digital outlets.

The break is already feeling great, and just right for winter’s inward time.

Update 2 months later: 

One thing I’ve managed to do in the dark days of winter is to slowly and lovingly finish updating my career clarity course. That accomplishment feels great.

Feeling Stuck in the Shoulds of Your Work?

Are you feeling stuck in the “shoulds”
of a draining job,
maybe the wrong career,
or draining parts of your business?

When financial security is involved, that “should” voice can get very intense:
“I should just try harder.”
“I should just hold on until retirement.”

I address all the practical concerns like that in my career clarity course.

There’s a way to live true to you, and still earn a living.

It’s worth uncovering some options at least.

Career Clarity Course:
Simple Steps to Uncover the Best Use of You Now

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I’ve been a self-employed career/business/purpose coach since 2009. I help introverts and HSPs (like me) who want to make a difference — in a way that fits our practical needs too.
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