Feel Like You Have No Time? ⏱️ (what helps me)

Feel Like You Have No Time? ⏱️ (what helps me)

Years ago I was telling a friend, “I feel like I have no time,” and I felt so tense and squeezed. She suggested I say this affirmation, “There is more than enough time.” I thought that was ridiculous. I resisted.

Hourglass - no time left

An affirmation can’t create time! She said to try it anyway, and I trusted her a lot so I did.

I said the affirmation many times, for a few days. Oddly, I started feeling like I had more time! Weird!

I realize it was because my brain started to relax, which naturally gave me a feeling of spaciousness and calm. Less mind noise and overthinking too. Intriguing.

I was holding tension just thinking about my lack of time, whereas releasing the grip of that thought saved me half the tension and I felt better.

The stuff coming at me was still the same, but I was no longer adding to the tension. And that was significant.

Then I had more energy and brain power to see what else I could do to calm what was on my plate. I felt like a new person coming at it from a place of spaciousness.

This memory has stayed with me for years. I still use my time stretching power! Pretty magical. Affirmations are surprisingly helpful, in ways that don’t make sense at first.

I’ve even heard busy moms have found this useful. They’re the true test to me because it’s hard to think of anyone with less time.

"Drop by drop is the water pot filled." The Buddha.

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