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15 Practical Reasons Why I Blog for My Business

15 Practical Reasons Why I Blog for My Business

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Blogging isn’t for everyone but it can be far more useful for businesses than most people think.

Here are the practical reasons why I choose to blog despite all the other things demanding my attention.

It’s not for everyone. I’m speaking for me.

By the way, I consider blogging one of the introvert-friendly ways to do marketing. If you might enjoy it too.

Practical Reasons Why I Blog

  1. Blogging sharpens my skills at expressing myself in my field of expertise.
  2. It forces me to check up on my knowledge and opinions before hitting “publish.”
  3. It keeps me alert for and learning about new trends in my field.
  4. It’s an easy place to refer people when I want to explain more of my thoughts.
  5. It gives me better attention from search engines. Search engines love fresh content and often reward it with higher ranks.
  6. It creates opportunities for conversations with people interested in the same topics.
  7. It shows I care when I give away free information. (Good marketers give first.)
  8. It’s an easy place to store my thoughts and information.
  9. It provides an easy format for people to leave comments and interact. (Scroll down to comment on this post.)
  10. It provides a purpose for staying connected if people choose to subscribe for my updates. (You can subscribe below.)
  11. It provides regular writing practice. We could all benefit from improved writing skills.
  12. It sharpens my visual presentation skills.
  13. It’s a sample for prospective clients of my knowledge and approach.
  14. It sharpens my knowledge of blogging which better prepares me to help clients with blogging.
  15. It really works the muscle of letting go of perfection because I have to hit publish in order to move on with my day.

And that’s just the practical reasons! I also blog because it’s fun for me.

In fact, blogging is more effective if you can have fun with it. Oh man, I just turned having fun into a practical thing. Lest we (I) forget, fun is a good thing by itself! Enjoy.

Different Kinds of Blogs

If you don’t enjoy writing, don’t force yourself to have a written blog.

You can still consider blogging, but instead use video, visual slides, or your art. Use the language you love and you can reach your true audience who speaks your language.

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Val Nelson

I’ve been a self-employed career/business/purpose coach since 2009. I help introverts and HSPs (like me) who want to make a difference — in a way that fits our practical needs too.
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