Career Coaching for Introverts

Image: Feeling trapped in the hallway? Not sure where to focus? (I drew this for a client to express what I heard her say.)

Feeling trapped in the hallway? Not sure where to focus? (I drew this for a client to express what I heard her say.)

I get it that the moment you are searching for a career coach, it might be a very stressful moment. I wish I could reach out of this page and offer empathy right now.

Are you nearly in tears on Sunday evenings before the work week?

Are you longing for more meaning but less stress and wondering if that’s even possible?

Oh, I feel for you. It doesn’t have to be like that, I promise!

I’m glad that you’re taking action just by checking out career coaching. Yay!

Experiencing career coaching myself was such a liberating journey for me. I had to be careful to choose a coach who appreciated my natural introversion as part of my strengths.

I know from experience that we can find a way for you to have work that satisfies your heart, your body, and your wallet.

There seems to be a bit of magic to what you do. I try to explain it, but I can’t quite capture it when telling others. I know that this decision to leave my job, and the transition into this next phase has gone so much more smoothly than it would have otherwise. I am more confident moving forward, more aware of my abilities and what I have to offer. I’m staying brave even when fear kicks up.” ~Lauren, Easthampton MA

This Can Work, Even for You

I hear you listing all your exceptions, like “I’m over the hill,” “lack of experience”, “too introverted,” or “I’m not a risk taker.” Yep, even in that specific case too!

I’ve been there, in that burned out place, not knowing how in the world it could all align for me. And I turned it around, with help from a career coach and learning more about introversion.

As for those relaxed successful people you’re feeling envious of? Even they have been there too. You’re not alone.

Let's find the Gold.

Let’s find the golden sweet spot for you.

I help people find the overlap between their values, their natural strengths, and what the world wants to support. That overlap exists for everyone!

Everyone has unique gifts inside them to offer the world, but they often can’t see it themselves. Once we uncover your gifts, everything is easier.

It’s time.

Even your current work can start feeling better when you find your internal clarity and confidence.

Pushing yourself to accept something off-kilter is exhausting and not sustainable. That was the lesson of “The Ugly Duckling” fairy tale. You can’t be successful being a duck if you’re really a swan! Let’s find the swan in you.

There’s nothing wrong with being you, just wrong fits that make you feel wrong.

Val has taught me to believe that it is possible. ALL OF IT. I recommend anyone who is looking for a life change and looking to do their life work to see Val and let in her magic.”
~Irma (who went from tolerating her job to loving her new career path)

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is a good fit with your coaching?

My career coaching services are perfect for you if you resonate with most of these:

  1. You want to enjoy a fulfilling sustainable work experience.
  2. You might be open to self-employment or other creative option as a path to bring your best self to the world, even if that sounds scary at first.
  3. You want to include a sense of intuition, spirit, heart, or internal alignment in your work life.
  4. You like the sound of clarifying your unique values, purpose, strengths, and vision (even if you’re not sure what all that means).
  5. You sometimes feel reluctant to put your true self out there.
  6. You know you can get things done, if you just knew the right direction, and well, if that inner critic weren’t so loud.
  7. You relate to being introverted or somewhere in the middle between introvert and extrovert (“ambivert”). And/or you relate to having the high sensitivity trait.

You might also find this useful:
Quiz: Will You Benefit from Val’s Coaching?

I don’t coach people who “just need money” or who don’t care about having meaning at work. I get that we all need money, and we’ll solve that, but if that’s your prime motivator, I don’t believe your work life will be sustainable or fulfilling, and it’s not what I’m about.

If your primary focus is to get help with a job search or to move up the corporate ladder, that’s not my focus, but I can provide referrals. My work is focused primarily on deep clarity and confidence, and also self-employment careers.


What kind of results do your clients have?

My clients enjoy these kinds of outcomes:

  • Clarity of strengths, life purpose, and work direction.
  • Knowing what work environments will work for their introverted and/or high sensitivity needs.
  • Finding their confident voice when talking about their work or career goals.
  • Relaxing with networking for the first time in their lives.
  • Finding balance and reducing stress.
  • Exploring employment and self-employment paths with confidence.
  • Starting a business with more ease than they thought possible.
  • And much more…


What does career coaching look like with you?

I’m not about a pushy or “just do it” approach — it’s about uncovering the excitement that naturally drives progress. We also deal with the practical real world in all its mess and beauty.

We start with discovering where you’re at now and what’s in the way. From there, we go step by step to find deep clarity about who you are and what you’re already great at (which is often hard for you to see yourself). That discovery process naturally uncovers the confidence inside you.

The fog that hid your path starts to lift and we can see what next steps make sense in a practical way. I continue to support you as you take steps forward exploring your new career goals, continually building on your clarity and confidence, and realizing more and more of what you were longing for.

When you start a new career or new business, I help you move into this new life with more ease.

I help with both the practical stuff and the inner stuff. You know, that fear stuff that kicks up at all the wrong times, we deal with that.

Something unusual I offer is that I am a “connector” type, which means I often know someone you might need to know in your exploration. I like making connections and helping you find what you need. You can tap into my large network which is a big shortcut.

I was feeling lost about where to go next with my career. The financial and time commitment was somewhat intimidating, and I had a little fear of the unknown.
By working with Val my career path became much clearer. This was achieved by gaining clarity in my strengths and life’s purpose. I felt like I gained my voice and confidence back through her supportive and mindful approach. Val has a very kind, calm nature that made our time together so relaxing and fun too. I am so grateful for your love and support!
I would highly recommend Val if you’re interested in gaining clarity and insight into your true self and career path. She has a heart-centered approach that is both gentle and effective. I made so many self discoveries and feel so much more confident moving forward with my career choices.”
~Laura (now a business owner doing work that feeds her soul)


Do we meet by phone, video call, or in person?

We can meet by phone, video call, or potentially in person in Northampton, MA, (Western Mass). Your choice. You can be anywhere in the world.


I can actually have a career that I am passionate about!”
~Happy to be leaving my cubicle job, Western MA

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Quiz: Will You Benefit from Val’s Coaching?

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