Tell People the Benefits First

People make buying decisions based on emotion, but they justify their decision with logic.

That means your marketing content has to reach them on an emotional level. And that needs to be your starting place, not an afterthought.

Here’s the gist of how to do that.

To reach someone on an emotional level, your program/product description should start with the benefits of what you’re offering. Benefits might be feeling more relaxed, or saving time. You get the idea.

Then, once the reader knows what’s in it for them, they are open to hearing about the features or your services.

If you tell them the features first, you’re focusing on your perspective, not theirs. You’ve lost ’em.

Your Mantra: Benefits, then Features

It’s hard for all of us to remember to think about someone else’s perspective first. So, you need a copywriting mantra to get there. You can write your copy in any order you like, but in the final editing stage, put the benefits before features.

You gain attention with the emotional side, and seal the deal with the facts. You need both, but in the right order.

What Else Must Be Included

Benefits and features are just one part. Your content also needs proof of credibility, and ending with a clear call to action.

Above all, keep the reader’s perspective in mind and connect on a heart level. Have someone else read it to make sure you got it right.

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