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Tips for Writing for the Web

Tips for Writing for the Web

Writing for the web (for websites or social media communications) is very different from writing for print. One major difference is that people rarely “read” on the web.

They scan and click around, like a busy buzzing bee.

So you have to be a helpful and creative guide to keep their attention, which is what beautiful flowers are all about, to catch the bee’s attention. You’re like the flower, by your very nature, but there are things that can get in the way.

Here are a few things you need to keep in mind when writing for the web:

  1. People can leave your website at any second with a simple click, so you need to be more creative and helpful to keep their focus.
  2. You can create links to offer more details for those who want it, while keeping it brief for those who don’t.
  3. You have to keep both people and search engine robots in mind.
  4. People can enter your site on nearly any page, so any page could be their first (and last) contact with you.
  5. White space helps a lot. Very short paragraphs are one simple place to start. Clear and helpful section headings also help. Images that help to guide are great.

Are you feeling daunted?

Were you already feeling daunted by the idea of writing all that content and discouraged that there’s even more  to consider? And what the heck are you supposed to do about those search engines anyway?!

For a good blog post, visitors tend to read a bit more if you keep their interest, so you can loosen the reins. But for the typical webpage, you don’t have that luxury.

Making It Easy

There are ways to make it easier:

  1. You can hire someone to help with writing and/or editing your web content. They can help to draw out the words from you and together you can make it your true voice. Look for a specialist in authentic writing for the web.
  2. Just jot down whatever notes comes to you and give it to a good editor to make it ready for your website. You can also pair this idea with any of the following ideas.
  3. If you’re better at speaking than writing, consider recording yourself and then transcribing it. Better yet, share the video or audio recording and the transcription.
  4. If you’re better in response to questions, ask a colleague to interview you and record it. Again, use the recording and/or the transcription to make your content.
  5. Use a step-by-step worksheet to describe your offerings. (This is the kind of thing I provide for my business coaching clients.)
  6. Take a course on authentic copywriting, like this one.
  7. Get a web marketing consult (with a heart-centered calming approach) so you can go over how it’s going now and what to prioritize to get the best outcomes sooner than later.


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