If You Hate Promoting Your Services, Stop

Photo by ValHelping professionals, healers, artists, introverts, and many others are often convinced that it’s just not in their make-up to promote their services or talents. They often tell me they feel “too fake” trying to sell.

If it feels fake or like “selling,” stop. Because you’re not doing it right. Fake is a turn-off, not to mention it’s draining for you.

The same part of you that loves to help or create something beautiful is exactly the part of you to bring to your networking and marketing. Here’s what to focus on instead of “sales”:

  • Be helpful. (Good marketers give first.)
  • Whatever you say, speak from that heart-centered place of being so excited about what you do. Imagine that painting you created or the power of seeing your patient recover, and then tell people what you do, from that place.

Being your true self is enough; better yet, it is exactly what you need to do to be successful.

I love this related thought from a hero of mine:

The power that gives you your gifts is also going to give you the power to share your gifts with the world.

Tama Kieves, author of This Time I Dance

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12 thoughts on “If You Hate Promoting Your Services, Stop

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  5. I find that what you said here is key: “The same part of you that loves to help or create something beautiful is exactly the part of you to bring to your networking and marketing. ” As a marketing consultant, I try to encourage clients not to think of networking / marketing as “selling themselves”, but to focus on having fun and communicating with other people about the things they LOVE TO DO, and are PASSIONATE about. That's really what you're trying to do: impart to others some of what you are excited about, and hear from them what they're excited about. If you can then help each other – by designing a website, doing life coaching, or making a connection to a colleague who has a job opening – then that's a great outcome.

    • Hey Julie, Thanks for saying that. I appreciate your insights from your work with clients. Bringing our passions to networking is so important. It not only works, it makes it more real and fun.

  6. I don't buy it 🙂 Being earnest and helpful are terrific values, and at the same time they're not enough by themselves to generate business. I've learned lots of examples during my three years of creating a consulting practice from scratch. The perspective is similar to the new age concept of “Do what you love and everything will work out.” (paraphrasing). Thanks for getting me thinking!

    • Matt, Those are great points and if anyone read what I wrote as “being nice is enough to generate business,” then that is not an accurate interpretation. What I'm trying to say here is that you have to bring your authentic helpful self into your networking and marketing approaches. Marketing still takes time and effort. It's not about sitting back and letting the universe do all the footwork.

      On the other hand, I do believe in the “law of attraction” in a very practical sense. I think people should clearly and regularly visualize the experience of achieving their goals and that will do a lot towards helping them achieve their goals. But doing the footwork also has to be included.

      Thanks Matt for drawing out this clarification!

  7. Wow. Well put! I feel so much better about my marketing efforts now, because this is what I’ve been doing. I sometimes feel guilty for not being one of those power networkers who can work a room, but it’s really not me. Helping others and working closely with people is so much more fulfilling for me. I’m glad to hear I’m not missing the boat.

    It was great to meet you at PodCamp today!

    • Hey Allison, Thanks for stopping by. Great meeting you too! I love your portfolio on your website.
      So glad you feel better about networking! “Power networkers” are not achieving anything by gathering and giving lots of cards. Two meaningful conversations are much more valuable. As it says on my business card, “More You = More Ease = More Impact.” And that’s what you’re doing.

  8. Val,

    Great point! I think that as long as our intentions are good and honest and we are really in it to help others, that will shine through. No need for shiny bells and whistles, just present your authentic self and really listen to what others need from you. It may sound too simple to work, but I do it all the time and it works for me! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Thanks Angela,
      Good testimonial that it works. You really are living proof of that given how you have hit the big time by being completely yourself. I’m loving your new book that tells us about the real you and exactly how you’re doing it. (The Anti-Resume Revolution)

      I’m even including your book in my next blog post. Stay tuned.

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