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From Avoiding to Enjoying Video Making for My Business

From Avoiding to Enjoying Video Making for My Business

If you are a small business owner or a creative, you know there’s a lot of need for good videos (website welcome video, explainer videos, YouTube marketing, online course creation…). All of it can be intimidating.

Making videos for your businessVideo was once a *very* daunting piece of the business puzzle for me. I knew it was important and I had it on the list… for a long time. From the overthinking to the technology, and the overthinking about technology… it was easier left on the back burner.

Now video is one of the fun things I do. Who knew?

I know that tackling video has made a difference for my having a sustainable business. People tell me the videos on my website have helped them relax and find their way. Practical, meaningful, + fun. Yay. I’m so glad I faced that block, eventually.

3 things have helped me find the joy with video…

  1. I’ve gradually learned to embrace imperfection.
    My mind thinks it’s all imperfect so I have to keep going or I’ll publish nothing! I don’t love all the homemade videos on my website but I sometimes hit publish anyway and they’re working well enough. Done is better than perfect.
  2. I’ve been creating video that comes from a calling.
    When work comes from the heart, everything is better.
    For instance, I’ve recorded interviews of introverts and HSPs to capture their career journeys for my Career Clarity Course, as well as self-employment transition stories for my new course, Bridge to Self-employment. Connecting with others in this way, and then editing the interviews into rich course content, has been so joyful, from start to finish.
  3. I have gotten help many times.
    From having a friend there with me, to hiring for video content planning, video production, and video editing. What a difference having help can make. That’s how I get over most of the big hurdles.

Getting Help for Video?

Ayelet Golz – video content strategist and editor

I definitely think it’s worth it to get help from a video professional.

I know it’s hard to know where to look for someone who knows what they’re doing AND someone who will also get you and your desire for something good yet authentic and not too slick. Something simple, affordable.

So here’s someone I recommend for all that: Ayelet’s video content consulting and editing.

As a maker herself, I know Ayelet loves to work with collaborative, imaginative, quirky people (including artists, makers, designers, nonprofits, foodie vloggers, coaches, course creators, etc.). She’s got some great video samples on her website.

No harm in exploring options. It can be short, simple, and stress-relieving.

I like Ayelet’s playfulness and that she gets the vulnerability of video, and how it can so easily kick up inner critic stuff. Yep! She even wrote about the inner critic and video here. That’s the kind of thing I look for in someone to hire — someone with skills, humor, and compassion.

I’m always happier when I let in help, and it’s usually more feasible than I originally thought. Most providers offer free initial calls and it’s a good way to find out what’s possible at what cost.

It really should pay off to invest in your business in this way, when you find the right help. It has for me.

Video editing software
You can let someone else face the video editing technology. It can be so daunting, but a pro can pull it together so easily in far less time.


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