Your Treasure Is Already Here

I imagine you might be in a transition from one career to another or to getting a business off the ground, and it can be so hard to persevere. It can feel like the treasure is so far away.

I am dedicating this song, “May I Suggest,” to you. I hope you enjoy listening to it in this video.

I think you’ll find it inspiring whether you are in the midst of new hope or the grips of fear. The message points you to the treasure that is already in sight.

I hope you’ll stop and listen to the beautiful harmonies so it will sink in on that soulful level. Or just stop to listen to prove to your racing mind that you know how to slow down.

May I suggest
This time is blessed for you
This time is blessed and shining almost blinding bright.
Just turn your head
And you’ll begin to see
The thousand reasons that were just beyond your sight
The reasons why
Why I suggest to you
Why I suggest this is the best part of your life…”
~Susan Werner [complete lyrics here]

Please listen to or read the whole thing. There is so much buried in that one song. Afterwards, I think you’ll remember why this time is blessed.

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