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Mompreneur/ SOULpreneur Business Owner Success Story – Meet Jessika Rozki of Rozki Rides

Mompreneur/ SOULpreneur Business Owner Success Story – Meet Jessika Rozki of Rozki Rides

I love sharing real-life stories of heart-centered women business owners who are living their purpose in creative ways. This story about Jessika gives you a look at how a deep calling, a need for work-life balance as a mom, and strong determination can come together into a business success story.

It’s amazing what Jessika has accomplished, despite people not taking her business ideas seriously at first.

Meet Jessika Rozki

Jessika Rozki – founder and owner of Rozki Rides

Jessika is the founder of Rozki Rides, which provides safe and reliable transportation services for children, and also for wedding and special event shuttles. She continues to expand in number of vehicles and employees. She glows when she talks about her work.

She’s also a mom of four, and you’ll see in her story how it all comes together.

I recently interviewed her because I knew you might benefit from hearing the inside story too.

My Interview with Jessika about Her Journey

Jessika Rozki
I so enjoyed connecting with Jessika. Her passion and joy for her work filled me up.  She has equal passion for wanting others to be inspired to go for their dreams. I could imagine her being an inspiring business coach.

(We also recorded a more detailed and moving video interview that is available inside my course, Bridge to Self‑employment.)

Here are some of her answers to my questions.

Why did you decide to move towards self-employment?

Jessika: I came across it by accident. I did not want anyone else to raise my daughter and my former employer (when I was a school bus driver) didn’t allow me to bring her along so I decided to use my skills and do what I love most: motherhood and transportation.

What helps you maintain your well-being, or a sense of balance?

Jessika: I am passionate about what I do. So it never feels like work. I don’t say balance, but I make the best out of every situation. Instead of focusing on what I can not do, I focus on what I can do.

What was a big fear or worry that held you back? How did you get past that?

Jessika: I had a fear of failing. I still have my days when fear comes over me but I keep on thinking positive and I focus on the greater outcome. It keeps working.

But, it’s not about always being strong. No. It’s OK to have your weak moments, and days when you want to cry it out and you feel like a hot mess. Then I’m back up and ready to go again. Even if something is taking a little longer than I expected, I focus on the goal and know I will reach it.

What do you wish you knew before you started toward self-employment?

Jessika: That the ones closer to you won’t see your same vision. They can sometimes be the least ones to support you. You’ve got to believe in your vision and find others who will too. Even some business advisors couldn’t see my vision or determination at first, but now they are impressed by what I have built.

One thing people worry about a lot is how income stability works out when you’re self-employed. How are you making the money work?

Jessika: My husband was my backbone at the beginning. We took our savings and took a leap of faith. Now the business sustains itself and I’m working on growing it.

I’ve tried seeking out business funding but that hasn’t been simple. I’m hopeful that funding will help me take the business to the next level.

We have also expanded into special event shuttle services which we enjoy and it helps to create a range of offerings for greater sustainability.

Special event and wedding shuttle services from Rozki Rides
Rozki Rides also provides special event and wedding shuttle services.

Any final words you want to share?

Women, you are more powerful than you think you are. Caring business owners are needed. You are needed.

Learn more about Rozki Rides:

Lessons from Jessika’s Story…

Everyone is unique but there are things we can learn from everyone’s story. I hear at least 5 great lessons embedded in this story:

  1. Determination is a huge factor for success.
  2. Being a mom is a great background for being an entrepreneur.
  3. When you love what you do, it doesn’t feel like “work.” It becomes part of what’s fun about your life.
  4. When people around you don’t think it’s possible, find other people who can believe in your vision.
  5. It’s OK to feel like a hot mess some days. Take a break, cry it out, and then let your compelling goal pull you forward again.

I’m enjoying these inspiring stories of SOULpreneurs. I like hearing all the details of how they make it work. More coming soon. You can subscribe below.

Wondering about your own path?

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