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New Year’s resolutions can block your career goals. 🤨

New Year’s resolutions can block your career goals. 🤨

A new year encourages many of us to consider a big change in our career direction, such as these kinds of new year’s resolutions:

  • “This year I’ll finally get away from this high-pressure work.”
  • “This year I’ll finally figure out my career direction.”
  • “This is the year I’ll start a new business.” (Wait, what will the business be?)

I believe:

You don’t have to commit to change as part of some New Year’s resolution.

Sometimes that pushing energy can make it harder. I see it get in the way for so many people.

“Just do it” isn’t the whole story. You know this deep down. But then what?

A way around that “push” feeling (that wears out by February) is to just take a peek at possibilities and then see from there. I’ve got ideas for that.

What I found in my own experience, and others’, is that when you uncover what you are truly drawn to, it will naturally help to draw you forward and sustain progress. No pushing yourself required. And it’s much more enjoyable.

In other words:

Determined step-by-step actions, built on genuine desire: Yes. 😁 ✔︎
Making yourself do something that feels like jumping off a cliff: No.

But how do you find that passion that will draw you forward?

That’s often the underlying question.

Are you asking questions like these?

  1. How do I even know what I want to do?
  2. Can I really make a difference and still make a living (without exhausting myself)?
  3. How do I know what will work now for my career or business?
  4. What about my income needs?
  5. Is there a viable path for me that won’t lead to exhaustion or overwhelm? (I think so!)
  6. What if I try something new and mess up in front of everyone?
  7. How does all this fit within the context of the big messes we’re in, like climate chaos and racism?

These are great questions, and impossible to fully address in one article, ya know? But I do want to answer these with you.

I address all those questions in my Career Clarity Course, where you can finally get those worries answered in less time than you think, and less cost than you think (maybe even no cost)

Let’s get you that peek at career possibilities…

If you’re feeling that desire to change things, take a peek at the course and see if it might help you too. Lots of people have found it turned on lightbulbs in ways they couldn’t have imagined.

Within the course, you can tell me your situation and I’ll help you generate fresh career ideas customized to what could work for you. When you start seeing yourself in new possibilities, it’s quite a boost.

It’s interesting to me how the career clarity process naturally comes with a boost of confidence. It’s just how it works.

Career Clarity Course
Learn about the Career Clarity Course.

Alternative New Year’s Resolutions I Recommend

Maybe this WILL be the year, if you bring a fresh approach to it. These kinds of new year’s resolutions are realistic and more likely to a) get done, and b) lead to genuine progress:

  • This year I will take some simple steps to discover the right career (or business) path for me.
  • This year I will let myself talk about my career concerns with someone I trust.

Questions are always welcome in the comments below.

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Val Nelson

I’ve been a self-employed career/business/purpose coach since 2009. I help introverts and HSPs (like me) who want to make a difference — in a way that fits our practical needs too.
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