Can You Name Your Focus in One Word?

How is that new year’s energy working for you?

  • Revved up about some big ideas to pursue?
  • Being hard on yourself about moving “too slowly” on those ideas?
  • Relaxing into the downstream flow of life?
  • A messy mix of it all?

I’ve got a mix, and luckily, it’s mostly the downstream flow because I’ve made that a conscious decision to look for downstream. Because that’s the life I really want. I choose that focus.

What perspective does your true self want for the new year? You can choose your perspective and let that lead the way.

Hey, let’s take a minute right now to make a conscious choice for your perspective so that you’re energized instead of drained, or flowing instead of pushing. I’ll help you make some simple choices about the new year, including choosing a one-word mindset to keep you on track. 

Quick Exercise to Choose Your Focus, in One Word

I’ve just done this exercise and I invite you to join me. This is quick. Get a pen and paper and jot down a few words for each question:

  1. What went well last year that you want to bring with you into this year?
  2. What is something you would love to leave back in last year and not repeat?
  3. What are 3 feelings you want to have that represent the “good life” you really want? (e.g., ease, fulfillment, freedom, love)
  4. What word for the year will help you stay focused on those feelings? (e.g., flow, laughter). I suggest that you’ve found your word when your heart says a big Yes when you say it.

Go ahead and write down those answers. I’ll wait here….. Don’t just keep reading this. It’s quick and it will be well worth the time….. OK, are you done with that? Are you feeling thatYes energy for your word?

Now we’re ready to start the new year on a conscious and fulfilling note, without all the mindless pushing energy of “Gotta do better, do more, figure it out.”

My word for the year = DOWNSTREAM

This means I intend to follow the energy of when it feels like I’m working with the downstream flow of life. I am saying Yes to downstream and No to upstream. That simple criteria answers all questions for my business and my life.

Downstream doesn’t mean I’m passive. Downstream has powerful movement to it, with a harmonious feeling.

I put my word for the year on the wall in front of my desk. Feels good. I recommend keeping your word front and center like that.

This one word has been surprisingly helpful to me these last couple weeks, even with some life-changing decisions I had to make.

Come Share Your Word in the Introvert Clubhouse.

I host a group on free Facebook called the Introvert Clubhouse where we share our visions, ideas, questions and ideas. Sharing our word for the year has been a hot topic this week. You can learn more and gain access to the Clubhouse here.

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