Choosing the *right* bridge work for the in-between times.

Choosing the *right* bridge work for the in-between times.

Using bridge work to fill the gap, until your ideal work happens, is a great idea. But you’ve got to choose it well, to preserve energy to work towards the bigger dream. Here’s a selection checklist.

In previous posts, about before your business is working, and the in-between times in your career, I talked about the value and purpose of having “bridge work” in the meantime. But now let’s review how to choose.

Bridge work to help you get there.
Bridge work can help you get there.

Your Bridge Work Checklist

The right bridge work should definitely…

  • Use one or more of your strengths, or something that comes easily, because this gives you energy.
  • Not rely on talents that drain you or stress you out.
  • Not cross any of your values (or else it would be too draining).

And ideally, it will also…

  • Be around people who could become good networking connections.
  • Include learning more about a field and/or skills that might be useful in your dream work. (This could include learning about business and marketing if self-employment is a possible direction.)
  • Be less than full-time so that you save time for pursuing your goal. (This is usually easier if it’s independent contract work, which means you’re the boss over your time.)

With these in place, it’s at least neutral on your energy and is ideally somewhat of a stepping stone to what’s next. In other words, you could get paid to move towards your dream!

The Catch (and the Solution)

To make this checklist work, you need to actually know your strengths and values in order to choose and find a good bridge job.

It’s true it takes time to find a good fit, but taking this first step will smooth the way.

Luckily, clarifying those things about yourself doesn’t take long, and it’s part of what you also need to do to achieve your preferred work life too. So, finding clarity is moving the needle on the dream too. Win win.

A career coach or a career clarity course can help you clarify these things about yourself.

Enjoy the bridge job as best you can. Amazing things can unfold from there.

Where to find bridge work?

I’ve got some resources for you in the related posts below.

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