Optimizing Your Social Media Profiles To Get Found

Small businesses know by now that they need a website AND visibility in the popular social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn, and maybe Twitter, YouTube, and others too.

So most of you have got at least one social media profile kinda sorta thrown together, like a basic LinkedIn profile. But then I hear: uh, what, huh? What now? Here are some tips.

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Top Web Directories for Local Businesses

You’ll get a big boost for your business’s visibility if you are listed in a few key places on the web. You don’t even need a website yet. You can get found now.

I know, there are zillions of options for online business listings, with a wide range of prices. Many good ones are free but which ones are worth your time?

Here’s my cheat sheet for you, based on my years of real-life experience with many types of local businesses.

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It’s Time to Prioritize Video (AKA YouTube)

If you have something to say or promote (e.g., looking for work or new clients), making a short and simple video should be moved up on your priority list.

When you see how this small business video sample (featured here) draws you in, you’ll want one too.

These two reasons should convince you:

  1. YouTube is the second most popular place to search, after Google.
    We’re all so worried about our rank in Google, but what’s your rank in YouTube?
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Does Web Marketing Ever End?

One of my web marketing coaching clients asked me this question that comes up so much that it was worth a blog post.

After finishing website edits, excitedly launching a new website, posting online videos, and promoting the business in a few more places online, she asked me:

Do I have to learn Twitter now? Please, let there be an end to this web marketing! I am walking away from the computer now…walking…farther…away.

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Put Your Local Business on the (Google) Map

Val on Google Map.

Back in the day, a business needed to be listed in the Yellow Pages if you wanted to be found, but now everyone searches online. However, most small businesses are not easily found online.

But even solo service providers CAN be found online, much more easily than you think, with some simple steps that are free. Make sure you’re found in the primary online business listings: Google My Business.

Google offers a free and easy way to include your business in their search results. It’s designed for local businesses, but it works even if your clients are beyond local. You don’t have to have your address shown publicly.

Here’s where to start:

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