Introvert Solopreneurs Q&A: “I hate adding to the noise in the market. What should I do?”

I’ve been preoccupied lately with trying to help where I can in this crazy time, including hosting some free gatherings for caring solopreneurs.

It has felt so good to do that, and it inspires me for what else I can offer.

This morning I decided to record a Zoom conversation with a fellow introverted solopreneur about this question I am hearing a lot lately from folks like us. I’ve got the video recording for you below.

The question I’m hearing goes something like this:

The market feels so full of noise and free offers. I hate the idea of adding to the noise and it seems like nothing will work right now….”

It’s a crazy time for sure. So many unknowns and worries. Those big hearts of ours can’t help but want to keep helping, but it’s confusing too.

There is a way to navigate in these strange waters, even while steadying ourselves.

With the help of my friend and colleague, Liesel Teversham, I addressed this concern, including what’s helping me, and what I think will help our kindred spirits too.

You can watch the conversation here:

By the way, I’ve been hearing this same worry from introverts for 10 years now! So it’s not just about now.

We seem to hate the “noise” or the idea of adding to the noise, ya know? Me too. And then, I remind myself of what I said in the video.

If you have questions or comments about our conversation, you can click through to this video on Facebook to comment there.

Here are some key points we discussed:

  1. Your people might want to hear specifically from you. Don’t worry about other voices out there. Your heart-to-heart connection with your people matters too.
  2. Plenty of people will ignore your offerings and that’s OK too. Trust that the right people will come at the right time.
  3. Especially amidst rocky times, tuning in to your inner compass can help you choose the right next steps for you at this moment. It knows whether and what to offer and whether to offer for no-cost, cost, or both.
  4. How to hear your inner compass. (And maybe we should do a whole workshop on that!)

Want to Find More Solid Ground for Your Solopreneur Business Right Now?


Solopreneurs Workshop: Regrouping for Resilience

I’m addressing these kinds of concerns in my brief course for caring introverted solopreneurs who are wrestling with “What Now” and how to plan for long-term resiliency.

It has both a low-cost and no-cost option. That’s what my heart led me to do, and it feels good.

I hope to see you there. Or stay tuned for other workshops and courses by subscribing for updates.

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