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Relaxed Courage Appeared Like Magic, Thanks to Being in Community.

Relaxed Courage Appeared Like Magic, Thanks to Being in Community.

I’ve just returned from a nourishing and empowering women’s circle retreat. It has made such an impact on me. A big lesson: Magic can happen when I’m in loving community. Even with a small dose.

I feel moved to share a bit about this experience with you.

Have you ever had that feeling where you land in something great that you didn’t even know you needed until you felt how good it was? That’s what happened.

I knew the retreat would be good because I already knew the wonderful facilitator, but the nourishment of a circle that is deeply present and open with you is profound.

We arrived to start our weekend together at a simple lodge nestled in snow-covered hills — which was a lovely landing place on a very cold evening. The real magic was sparked by the grounding, soulful way of being together, led by a wise and playful facilitator, Celia Hilson. There was everything from sharing honestly, to tears, to laughing and dancing.

The power of authentic sharing and presence in a loving diverse group is HUGE. In a world of go go go and various worries, it was just the right medicine.

Genuine belonging is the best medicine, for just about anything.

I find I do my best thinking, discover the most clarity and courage in myself, and feel the most sane in a circle like that. As if everything clicks into gear. Wow. Like Magic!

black swans flying together

I continue to be reminded that authentic community always needs to be part of the basic foundation for me…. for my well-being and for my ability to bring my best work to the world.

I am fortunate to have a sense of community in many ways, in my work team, in my neighborhood, in my family… but something about this particular women’s circle at this time is filling a gap I didn’t realize was there.

While there, I found the courage and capacity in myself to sign up for a fun volunteer role with a kid in my neighborhood, which I was nervous to take on. I realized I was afraid of doing it “wrong,” and that stopped me from saying Yes.

Before I let it slip away, I sent off my “Yes” note while I was still at the retreat, and it felt great. I will figure it out as I go, and get help as needed. Now I get to feel enriched in ways I wasn’t allowing myself before.

With a caring circle behind me, I found clarity and courage for that, and much more. One of the big Aha’s was how I need to have a regular women’s circle like that. We shall see… I’m starting with just letting myself want it.

Solopreneur women kickstart teamwork
The power of community – for joy and getting things done.

Finding Your Own Community

I share all this in case you have a craving for community or courage, or all of it. I want you to have a taste of what’s possible.

It can become too habitual to think that we have to stay in our silos, or stay stuck trying to figure it all out alone. If you’re an introvert or highly sensitive person (HSP), like me, you might worry, that you’ll get exhausted with too much people time. I have the same worry!

No matter what, I believe the easy path always includes connection. (Introverts and HSPs need community too, in our own ways.)

Think about what you’re craving and let that in. Then let your friends, and Google, help you find it. Want a monthly Full Moon women’s circle? I bet you can find it.

Possible ways of finding ease by being with your people…

  1. SOULpreneurs Circle
    Connect around your living your purpose through self-employment, and get support and mentoring for the journey. Especially for introverts and HSPs. (My other small group communities include Self-employment Explorers, and the Coaches Circle.)
  2. Career Course for Teachers (live group program)
    If you’re a teacher questioning your career path, join your kindred spirits in a group program just for you. Led by my trusted (and super fun) colleague, Laura Litwiller. I wholeheartedly endorse what she has in store for you.
  3. HSP Moms Circle
    A small group community led by another trusted colleague, Lillian Ricardo. For connection, reflection, discussions, and support around your experiences as a highly sensitive mother.
  4. Taproot Artist Circle
    A small group community for mid-career artists and creatives. It’s hosted by Val Gilman, an artist and coach for artists. She gets it and she knows how to make the group experience so rich and alive, just like her art.
  5. Direct Your Purpose Retreats in Ghana
    Ruby Maddox is clearly living her purpose and knows how to help you live yours too. I’m thrilled she’s leading retreats like this, while also connecting to West African culture.
  6. Sensitive Empowerment Community
    An online community for HSPs, with many Zoom event options from restorative yoga to learning more about thriving while sensitive. I’m a member and find it valuable.

Being with your people, along with a knowledgeable guide, is a sure way to get unstuck. Think about where will you find your community because there’s so much gold there.

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Val Nelson

I’ve been a self-employed career/business/purpose coach since 2009. I help introverts and HSPs (like me) who want to make a difference — in a way that fits our practical needs too.
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