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RBG – A Confident Introvert Facing the Fire: What It Takes

RBG – A Confident Introvert Facing the Fire: What It Takes

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I just saw the movie, RBG. It’s a must-see! You’ll get to see an example of a powerful, confident, and courageous introverted woman, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

I’m so inspired! It helped to restore my hope. I need that during these times. Don’t you?

RBG, as she is affectionately called by her many fans, is a good example of someone living true to herself and her values, and willing to face the heat of those who don’t want to listen to her opinions. We need this kind of role model!!

It’s not easy to be yourself in a culture that is so judgmental, and sometimes cruel. It can be easier to keep our mouths shut. But then, a deeper part of us wants more. Right? 

I hope you’ll see the movie and let me know what you think. (You can comment below.)

True to yourself… but what about the real fear of rejection or worse?

The fear of how others might judge us strikes a primal survival nerve. That’s a big deal. A part of all of us is afraid of being kicked out of the tribe, which sounds like death to our survival instincts. Scary stuff.

And yet, we can do this. We can do discomfort (not the same as overwhelm which I recommend you avoid). We can do courage. Fortitude is in all of us. We can find the way that works for us.

Let’s take in these encouraging words from Brené Brown and see where it could lead this week.

~ From Brené Brown, in her book Braving the Wilderness.

I think that is a powerful idea she’s sharing, which I summarize as:

You do belong. As is.
We can be true to ourselves, feel confident even,
and still find a way to belong and feel safe enough.

How exactly?

One step at a time adds up. Here are some concrete bite-sized steps:

  1. Ponder this idea as a first step.
  2. Talk about it with a friend could be a second step.
  3. Declare your independence from others’ judgements of you.
  4. Don’t go it alone. Find support. Co-create the proposal or plan.
  5. Keep tuning in to your values and inner wisdom as you move forward together.

You’re not alone. I worry too. Oh yes. We need all the inspiration and support we can get.


Do you know someone who could use some encouragement today? I invite you to share this with her.

You can also share the Brené Brown quote from this post on Facebook. Thank you!

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