9 Introvert Facts to Dispel Common Myths

9 Introvert Facts to Dispel Common Myths

We hear these terms introverted and extroverted everywhere, and I notice people use them about themselves and others in some very inaccurate ways. Even when they’ve read a ton about it! Let’s get some facts about introverts versus extroverts.

For instance, I think this stereotypical image makes introverts seem anti-social, which we are not:

introvert anti-social stereotype
A typical stereotype showing a so-called introvert overwhelmed by a so-called extrovert. Let’s see what’s true or not.

Facts about Introverts and Extroverts

Here’s a list of facts about introverts and extroverts, which can also explain some common myths. See if you can find one or two that are new for you, or good reminders for you.

  1. There’s nothing better about either type.
    They both have strengths and challenges.
  2. Both types can be confident.
    Anyone can be confident, and anyone can improve their confidence. Extroversion does not equal confidence.
  3. Both types can be happy and joyful — if they make choices that fit who they are.
    Fun for introverts might be reading a book all day, but it can look boring to someone else.
  4. Both types can be good at job search, self-employment, and marketing.
    It’s not just extrovert territory.
  5. You can match your career and your outreach methods to what is natural for your type.
    Instead of making yourself into something you’re not (that’s so draining!), it’s easier in the long run to find what fits for your type.
  6. All humans need social connection.
    Introverts might want more quiet but we are not anti-social.
  7. Introverts and extroverts have different needs related to social connection.
    Introverts can be energized by certain kinds of social situations, such as one-to-one connection and clearly structured small gatherings. Extroverts tend to thrive on a lot of connection, even if it’s larger groups.
  8. Introversion and extroversion are very connected to your energy.
    If you want more energy, this is a good place to look. Do what gives YOU energy, not what mainstream society expects to work for everyone. Introverts tend to find energy with time to think on their own, while extroverts tend to gain energy while interacting with others.
  9. Everyone has introversion and extroversion in them. We just tend to lean in one direction.
    There is no 100% introvert or extrovert, and probably no one exactly in the middle either. The term ambivert is apparently not based on research but simply a popular idea. (I found that surprising about no one in the exact middle.)

Learn About Introverts and Which Way You Lean, For Real.

introvert and HSP wordle

Check out my resource page about introversion and some related terms.

You’ll find definitions and assessments there, so you can find out for real what fits for you. You might even discover other things about yourself such as being highly sensitive.

If you’d like to learn the research-based facts about introverts, Susan Cain’s book, Quiet, is both informative and entertaining.

Making Career and Business Easier for Introverts

Introverts need certain things in our work, and our work environment. (Open office hell sound familiar?)

We also need people in our lives who understand introverts and what works for us. I’m so grateful that my spouse and close friends all get me.

I incorporate my understanding of introversion into my way of coaching, how I lead groups, and how I teach my Career Clarity Course and other classes. It’s all based on introvert-friendly formats, and what works for us.

If any of this raises questions, please let me know. Comments below are always welcome.

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