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Heart-Centered Solopreneur: How You ARE Making A Difference.

Heart-Centered Solopreneur: How You ARE Making A Difference.

If you’re feeling disheartened about the news, and/or what matters now with your solopreneur business, I hope something in this note will help you see how you ARE making a difference already. Plus there are ways your heart-centered business can make more of a difference with some simple tweaks — without expending more effort.

I believe that when you create a heart-centered business with integrity — that’s aligned with your caring values and a sense of balance — it’s actually part of the broader solution in a broken, out-of-balance world.

I know it’s not enough to solve all the big things right away. Sadly.

But what we DO that’s right in front of us still matters.
It’s what IS in our control.

[Image: SOULpreneurs]I’m here cheering you on to keep being you, and sharing your caring heart whenever or wherever you can, while taking care of you too. (Keeping a sense of balance is part of defying this out-of-balance world.)

Your authentic, heart-centered energy can shine through any kind of message or action.

Even in a solopreneur business or marketing context, your caring approach can add to the positive flow of energy. (Just think of how refreshing that is from what else is out there.)

Example: Small things > big impact.

Recently, a neighbor put out a simple email to let other neighbors know of a sudden concern. So I just called her to see what’s up. I listened, validated, and helped her think through next steps, because that comes easily to me. It took about 10 minutes. ✅

I thought it was just a simple thing to do, and it felt good to do it. Since then, she has told me maybe 5 times what a difference it made for her to not be alone in her worries.

After seeing her 5th note of appreciation, I had to pause and think why so much appreciation. I realized how it might have been a big deal for her as a single mom, a busy helping professional, with now one more thing on her plate. Maybe it felt like the world was on her shoulders, and for a moment, she could feel that she’s not alone with it. 😅

Thinking of it this way humbled me, and helps to fuel me on.

I tell you this as an example of how the simple things, that come easily to us, do matter, and to say:

You’re making a bigger difference than you think…

I have a feeling the heart-centered ways you interact in the world — with your clients, your connections online, or your neighbors — are adding inspiration, calm, and caring.

All that has real ripple effects, in a world that needs it.

Your heart-centered solopreneur journey is one of the main ways you express yourself in the world. When you do it with a sense of serving instead of the expected manipulative salesy energy, it helps! It’s uplifting to those around you. No, you won’t fail if you run your business this way. (The typical hustle approach to business is not required to be successful.)

[Interconnected tree roots - mycelium networks. Drawing by Val Nelson]
“I remembered the mycelium networks among the roots of trees… the way they share nutrients, information, and contribution to the health of forest communities. I felt an invitation to trust my own offerings and the way they belong as part of a web of love in action.” ~ Melanie Weidner, a spiritual director/artist

Making more of a difference…Without Doing More?

There are ways to boost your impact, without exhausting yourself or expending more energy. For example, a little shift in any of these things can add more positive energy into the things you already do:

  • letting your genuine caring show in your messages online.
  • focusing on serving people you believe in.
  • letting your caring flow more in how you help them.
  • offering low-cost or no-cost spots in group programs you’re already running.

I get it that shifting anything in business isn’t always easy and requires some thoughtful attention. Thinking about the greater good isn’t easy either.

Luckily, the shifts I’m talking about can give you more energy and fulfillment on the other side. And better results in the long run too.

For instance, in the early days of my business, I felt heartsick about serving a client that did work I couldn’t get behind, so I ended it despite how nervous I was to lose the income. Not long afterwards, one of the team members there was so moved by my decision that he hired me for coaching to help him consider his own values alignment. That’s something I could get behind. It ended up being a win-win.

As a solo professional (solopreneur), I find that solidarity with kindred spirits is a critical piece for me in getting through transitions or finding my way. I need others’ reflections, idea sharing, role modeling, camaraderie, and a place to say what’s real.

Basically, I need to not be alone with it all. I need to know someone’s got my back. I wouldn’t be functioning well or even in business without it. Plus being with kindred spirits makes it all more enjoyable.

I call it the SOULpreneur Way…

This connected, heart-centered way of business is what I call the SOULpreneur way, instead of the SOLOpreneur way. The SOLO way can be lonely and exhausting, and overly focused on getting, and it doesn’t have staying power.

If you’re wanting more camaraderie with people who get it, with an experienced leader to keep the focus, you could check out my SOULpreneurs Circle. It’s a max of 6 people, and it’s especially designed for introverts and HSPs.

Bottom Line ☜

  1. Your heart-centered way of being is adding more positive ripple effects than you know. 🌀
  2. Your impact can be amplified even more with a little reflection and tweaking. It doesn’t mean you have to just add more to your plate.
  3. It all gets easier and better when you’re doing it in connection with other heart-centered business owners. 💞
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Val Nelson

I’ve been a self-employed career/business/purpose coach since 2009. I help introverts and HSPs (like me) who want to make a difference — in a way that fits our practical needs too.
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