Catherine Man of Project Alpaca NY

Introvert Career Profile – Freelancer + Nonprofit Founder. Meet Catherine Man.

Learn how Catherine is growing a non-profit while leaning into her freelance work for income stability, and letting in support to make it all work.

Her non-profit, based in NYC, is about creating a more equitable on-ramp for STEM jobs through the power of mentoring. I find the program and Catherine’s story inspiring, and instructional, so I’m sharing it with you too. I think you’ll find some good tips for your own journey.

(I love learning and sharing these stories! This is part of a series of stories.)

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Making videos for your business

From Avoiding to Enjoying Video Making for My Business

If you are a creative or solo business owner, you know there’s a lot of need for good videos (website welcome video, explainer videos, YouTube, courses…). It was so intimidating for me, for a long time. Now it’s fun.

Here are 3 things that helped me, including where I recommend for getting help. Perfectionism, technology, and overthinking tried to stop me, but I finally won.

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noticing the signs

My Year-end Review for Catching the Bright Spots and Progress

Feeling a lack of progress with your career, business, goals? Here’s how I boost my spirits, and fuel myself, by looking for the bright spots and signs of progress.

I’ll share what I did, and what I discovered looking back on the year. And I’ll give you some suggested questions for your own personal year-end review (the positive kind). It’s fun. And easy.

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pause 60 sec with Denesia

A One-Minute Pause

Seems so counter-intuitive that one minute could help when you think it has to be a whole vacation or else forget it. I’ve discovered the magic of 60 seconds.

Here’s a timer, with guidance from Denesia Rodgers, so you can see what I mean.

Ready? Let’s really do this. 60 seconds…

(If you’re a highly sensitive person like me, we need an extra dose of pauses to clear the mind and be in our best flow.)

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