Introversion and Shyness: The Connection

Even my friends who hear me talk about introversion all the time will ask me, “Isn’t introversion the same as shyness?” No, they are not the same thing. And yet, shyness and introversion can be connected, and they can look the same on the outside. That’s why we confuse this all the time. It’s very important, for everyone’s well-being, that we understand the difference. Let’s clarify this…

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The Introvert’s Path from Pain to Confidence

First of all, you can be a confident introvert. But many introverts have concerns about confidence and I’ll explain why and what to do about it. It strikes me that these are the two classic paths for introverts, which I’ll outline below. One path leads to pain and anxiety. The other leads to ease and confidence. Your choice. While introversion doesn’t change, our response to it can change, and it makes a big difference. These scenarios below also help to explain the connection between introversion, shyness, and anxiety, which are different things. Of course real life is not so linear as these models describe, but this makes a good bite-sized model. I hope you find this helpful.

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[image: rose quartz heart]

I Opened My Heart and Found Strength, Not Weakness

I learned an important lesson about the heart when I went to my father’s funeral many years ago. The day he died, a friend came over and took me for a walk in the February chill and listened to my worries. I told her I was afraid I couldn’t handle all the emotions, and that I was especially afraid to be at the funeral and feel raw emotions in front of everyone when I felt so vulnerable. It was one of those major shy moments when I wanted to hide. She gave me a gift that has helped me with that fear ever since. She gave me a rose quartz heart to keep in my pocket. She said it was a symbol that I could be strong like a rock, and have an open heart at the same time. I started to imagine that maybe strength could coexist with an

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Helping Quiet and Shy Girls

I was painfully shy at one time, and I understand the stuckness and pain of it. I feel called to help quiet girls who feel stuck. I was that “shy kid” while growing up, who could barely get a word out of my mouth even though I craved being heard and understood. It was more painful than it needed to be. I have broken free of that shyness grip and I have studied how I did it, and how others have done it. I feel called to pass it on.

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Stop Looking for Work-Life Balance

It seems like everyone is craving work/life balance but they seem to have no idea how to get there. I recently got caught up in the New Year’s go-go-go pressure and found myself losing that relaxed feeling I know I need. Why is balance so elusive? The problem is our either/or thinking when we think of the word Balance. We picture a scale where the two sides have to battle it out, and something always loses. We sacrifice work or we sacrifice the other parts of life. In many cases, FUN and WORK are working against each other in our minds. Work gets equated with the “have-to” feeling instead of the fun feeling, and we think we have to push push push or it isn’t really “work.” We even say things like “It feels like work” when we really mean “It feels like drudgery.” This flawed thinking is embedded in

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